LOSP H3 Preservation System

LOSP treated pine, LOSP H3 TreatedThe complete range of Woodhouse Weatherproof® products are H3 LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) treated to be resistant against termite and fungal attack. The LOSP preservation process ensures the original dimensions and strength of each Weatherproof product are sustained through and following installation.

The organo-biocide LOSP preservative used in the treatment process is a combination of azole fungicides to resist against decay, and permethrin insecticide to protect from termite attack and other wood boring insects.

For any cut ends, coat with an ‘in-can’ APVMA registered wood preservative (further details can be found in the Product Literature section of this website under Product Warranty) followed by a quality wood primer to effectively repair the treatment envelope. Finish and maintain all Weatherproof products according to the Painting Recommendations outlined in the Product Installation and Painting.

All Woodhouse Weatherproof® products are LOSP H3 treated with an APVMA registered wood preservative and are covered by a limited product guarantee relating to the H3 preservation system used to manufacture the Weatherproof range. For the specific Terms and Conditions of this warranty, refer to the Woodhouse Weatherproof® Limited Product Guarantee against termite and fungal decay that can be found under Product Warranty and Product Specification in the Product Literature section of this website.