Product Definition

outdoor building, outdoor timberWoodhouse Weatherproof® is a range of eco-friendly, timber building products manufactured for outdoor use in all structural and decorative applications. Supplied with a genuine Pink Primer, every Weatherproof® product is ready for installation and finaltopcoating. Manufactured by finger jointing defect-free, 100% New Zealand radiata pine, all Woodhouse Weatherproof® is available in a range of lengths and profiles to service current building practices and designs.

Chemically treated using an organic H3 LOSP preservative for resistance against termite and fungal attack, the Weatherproof® range is a ready to use building product intended for use in Australia’s toughest conditions. When installed and maintained according to correct building practices, Woodhouse Weatherproof® offers a long term building solution for all outdoor construction.

Available in a diverse mix of profiles and sizes:structural primed pine, treated radiata pine.