Product Installation & Painting

Prior to Installation

primed moulding installationEnsure that all Weatherproof products are stored in a dry and well ventilated environment prior to installation, supported every 600mm to minimise on-site degrade.  If the product is exposed to periods of rain or high humidity prior to final top coating, moisture can penetrate the wood fibre and may cause minor expansion and swelling.  If this occurs, it is recommended to let the product dry out, allowing it to return to its original profiled dimensions. 

moulding installation


The relevant sections of the Building Code of Australia are to be used as guidelines for the correct installation and application of the Woodhouse Weatherproof® range of products. moulding installationThe LOSP treatments used in the Weatherproof range are non-corrosive with conventional fixings that have been classified as hot dipped galvanised. Ensure that all cut ends, drill holes, notches and rebates are resealed with an APVMA registered ‘in-can’ wood preservative end sealer, followed by repriming prior to installation.  Refer to the Product Literature section of the website for information on installing our products or contact your builder or local authority.  Incorrect installation will compromise any product or performance warranties.


Product Handling and Offcuts Disposal

primed moulding installationEnsure that all Woodhouse Weatherproof® products are kept dry and away from moisture prior to installation to minimise the potential of on-site degrade. When cutting, drilling or profiling any products in the Weatherproof range, wear personal protective equipment including gloves, mask and goggles.

All Weatherproof off-cuts or shavings should not be incinerated or burnt in open fires or barbecues; or used in gardens; or landscaping. Direct all unusable material towards normal household or building site waste disposal.



Woodhouse Weatherproof® has been factory coated with a high quality solvent (alkyd) primer and is ready for the final painting. It is NOT necessary to fully sand or remove the Pink Primer from any profiles in the Weatherproof range.

Lighter colours are the best choice for the final topcoats with dark colours having the potential of resin bleed and surface cracking problems due to their increase propensity to attract and absorb heat. Colours that have higher LRV (Light Reflectance Value) ratings should be chosen to minimise these issues. Consult with your topcoat supplier for further advice when selecting top coat colours.

  • 1Ensure that the primed timber is free from any dirt, oil or any other surface contaminants. Remove thoroughly by wiping clean or lightly sanding.
  • 2Optimum performance of any Woodhouse Weatherproof® product is achieved when the finishing topcoats are applied within 8 weeks of installation. If the primer appears to, or becomes chalky or loose, lightly sand these areas as required and re-prime with a premium quality primer. Seal any cut ends prior to installation with a preservative end sealer as required, followed by a quality primer to ensure the treatment envelope is resealed.
  • 3Fill any defects or nail holes with wood putty. Sand to an even finish and spot prime to all affected areas.
  • 4Apply 2 topcoats of either quality acrylic or solvent based paint to the prepared product.
    For further information on topcoat recommendations contact Woodhouse or visit
  • 5To achieve the best performance of your Woodhouse Weatherproof® product, maintain the finishing coat system as per the topcoat manufacturer’s instructions, re-applying as directed or as needed.

Being a genuine primer, it is not necessary to sand or remove the pink primer prior to final finishing.

By partnering with PPG on our Weatherproof pink primer, it has enabled the development of a PPG Back-to-Back warranty system on specific Taubmans® topcoat systems. The topcoat products covered by this warranty include:

  • Taubmans® Endure Exterior Gloss Acrylic
  • Taubmans® Endure Exterior Low Sheen Acrylic
  • Taubmans® Sunproof Gloss Acrylic
  • Taubmans® Sunproof Low Sheen Acrylic
  • Taubmans® All Weather Gloss Acrylic
  • Taubmans® All Weather Low Sheen Acrylic

The warranty runs for a period of 10-15 years from date of installation and in accord with the manufacturer’s guidelines. A copy of the PPG System Guarantee is available on request with further information on the warranty available on all Taubmans product packaging.

^ Please refer to PPG Industries coating system guarantee available on request.  # This trademark is owned by PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.